How to Choose the Best Promotional Pens: 3 Tips?


Promotional pens, such as engraved metal pens, are some of the most effective marketing tools. You can give such pens to employees as well as customers, helping them propagate your brand far and wide. These are marketing tools that many organizations find effective in sending a specific message without trying too hard to sell or appearing to be pushy. Get more information about low minimum pens.

If you want to tap into the marketing resource personalized pens are, below are some factors to consider before selecting your provider:

1. Low Minimum Pens

Promotional items that come with no prohibitive minimum can be a great place to start for any marketer. This means you do not need to establish a massive budget to start acquiring and distributing your free gifts to customers, staff, and other targeted stakeholders.

Gratefully, there are low or no-minimum pens you can order today and kick off your effective marketing campaign. As such, you can order a small batch and start distributing them right away. So, if you’re on a tight marketing budget, it makes sense to find a supplier who does not require you to always buy in bulk. For more information about the engraved metal pens, follow the link.

2. Design, Size

Choose promotional pens that can effectively deliver your brand messaging across the target audience. To achieve that, the pens must be of the appropriate size and design. For example, you want a pen with the right barrel size, allowing you to add several lines of text or images and convey your message. The pen should be large enough to display your text and graphics prominently so that users can easily read them without difficulty.

3. Usability

How easy it is to use and write with your pen determines how readily users will cherish it. There should be no design flaws when it comes to the use of any promotional material you give to your potential customers, even if you’re giving it for free. Remember your brand is at stake here, so quality promotional pens must be emphasized.

For example, how easy is it to grip the pen based on the texture of its surface? What features does the pen have to endear it to prospective recipients? A nice pocket clip as well as an efficient clip action mechanism is some of the features that a great promotional pen can sport.

So, before ordering a marketing pen, consider your budget, in which case, a low minimum promotional pen would be ideal. Be sure the design is appropriate for your branding needs and usability.


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